XA is the ultimate in Tequila sophistication and flavor development. Extra Añejo spends over 36 months aging in American white oak barrels to enhance the richness of the tequila while ensuring
a smooth and subtle finish on the palate.

Where patience meets passion, we experience a bright yet modestly golden tequila that transports the senses with warm vanilla, rested wood, and a touch of Tromba’s characteristic fresh citrus, embraced by a halo of caramelized agave.


Dense, heavy and mellow on the palate soft warm wood, dried fruit, vanilla, toasted cashew, almond and peanut with the sweetness of slow roasted and caramelized agave and a strong wood finish

Vanilla and aged wood with a top note of caramelized agave, cherry, soft florals, and a fresh citrus overtone.

Strong, gold finish