EAP (Endangered Agave Program)

Buy a bottle - Plant an endangered agave!



With every 100 bottles sold, Tequila Tromba will plant a wild endangered agave.

Protected on Tromba’s agave sanctuary near the base of the Volcán de Colima, we are working in the region south of Jalisco to save endangered agave populations from extinction, and to establish a sustainable source of seeds for future planting in the region. 

Wild agave plants are harvested and destroyed each year to create corporate agave farmland. Agave that have lived harmoniously on the land for thousands of years are now at the brink of extinction.

Creating the Endangered Agave Program (EAP), Tequila Tromba is dedicated to restoring the endangered populations of one of Mexico’s most important agricultural gems - the agave!


Nurtured by the nutrient dense soil originating from the Volcán de Colima, the southern region of Jalisco has a rich variety of native agave that have been used for generations by local mezcaleros. As a result of increased farming for livestock, seasonal crops and the preference for the planting of agave species with shorter maturation periods, many of the varieties of wild agaves are moving towards extinction.

With the creation of the Endangered Agave Program (EAP), Tequila Tromba is joining the work of the Partida family in Zapotitlan de Vadillo, the craftsmen behind Mezcal Chacolo, to plant seedlings of a wide variety of wild agave in order to ensure the future of these species. None of the agave on the sanctuary will be harvested to produce mezcal products.  Instead, we will be allowing every plant to naturally mature, flower and seed, thereby creating a rich source of seeds to replant ourselves and provide to the local mezcal producers for their own crop development.




Agave Chancuella


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For the first year of the EAP, Tromba has worked with Chacolo to secure seedings of the species of agave that are in most need of protection and repopulation.

Our goal is to plant and protect 4,000 wild endangered agave in the planting season of 2022 (June-July), with a mission to increase the protected area and plant additional endangered agave every year.

Enjoy great tequila - create positive change!