Cedano is the culmination of 50 years experience and representative of the journey of Marco Cedano’s lifelong passion to craft the worlds finest tequila’s. Marco began his journey in Tequila with one guiding principle: to honor the agave and the land from which it comes. From his revolutionary stand to make only 100% blue agave tequila, to the creation of Tequila Tromba, to the development of his proprietary still and distillation process, he has always stayed true to this guiding principle.

Marco, along with Rodrigo, have created a fitting testament to his 50 years and the legacy of the Cedano Family. Using an innovative Cedano Process, they have crafted a Reposado Tequila of unmatched flavor, complexity and refinement. All of this is captured in a hand crafted and hand labeled artisan bottle worthy of this exquisite spirit. Salud por los 50 años.


Dense and rich on the palate with notes of soft warm wood, dried fruit, vanilla, toasted cashew, almond and peanut

Aromas of vanilla and aged wood with a top note of caramelized agave. Hints of cherry, soft florals and a fresh citrus overtone.

Strong, gold finish