Do you ever wonder who makes your tequila?

Tromba isn’t known as a celebrity brand, but we are.
The only celebrity that matters is our Master Distiller Marco Cedano.
A 40 year veteran, a master craftsman, a tequila icon.
Who makes your Tequila?

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Cucumber / Grapefruit Infusion

Tequila Tromba Blanco
Cucumber and Grapefruit peels

Empty 1/3 of a Tromba Blanco bottle. Fill up with cucumbers and grapefruit peels.
Leave to infuse in the fridge for 24 hours up to 3 days. The more you infuse, the more bitter it will get.
Filtrate the liquid and keep in the fridge.

Use the infusion in your favorite classic cocktail: Margarita, Sour, Fizz, Paloma, etc.