“I’m really proud of what I’ve done throughout my career at some of the best brands, but there are always limitations when you work for someone else. Tromba represents everything I think great tequila can be.”

Old World Master

Marco has been a legend in the tequila world for over 40 years. He pioneered 100% premium agave tequila, taking this historic spirit to new heights of quality and taste. For over 20 years he was the master distiller at famed tequila houses Don Julio and Reserva do Los Gonzales. For Marco, Tromba represents a second revolution in the making of premium tequila, the birth of modern craft tequila.


To realize the dream of a tequila that respects the past, while redefining the present, Macro enlisted son Rodrigo Cedano as apprentice Master Distiller. With the same independent spirit, the two men demand the most of themselves and those around them. Rodrigo embodies the energy, restlessness and desire to question convention that reminds Marco of his younger trailblazing self. Today, these traits are more important than ever to produce something distinctive.



Tromba is inspired by the lush landscape and independent spirit of Los Altos de Jalisco. This spirit is reflected in the work of Mexican artist, Marina Pallares. Marina, a native of Jalisco, is a prodigious talent in the Mexican art world, having already completed 13 individual exhibitions. Her stunning piece, entitled “Tromba”, now featured on the backs of Tequila Tromba bottles, was carved into linoleum using an incredibly detailed process that took over 100 hours.


Hipólito Gutiérrez is one of Mexico’s most celebrated glass-blowers, producing beautiful hand-made bottles with his team in Guadalajara. His work includes the bottle for Tequila Tromba’s Extra-Añejo, produced in very small batches. Hipólito has had many opportunities to expand, but prefers to keep his business small and his focus on quality and beauty.